Fee Schedule & Services

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Courtesy Pay (CP) Item Paid$27.75
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Item Paid $27.75
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Return Item$27.75
Overdraft Transfer (per transfer)$3.00*
Account Services
Collection Item Incoming$5.00
Collection Item Outgoing$5.00
Garnishment, Execution, Levy$10.00
Inactive Account (per month after 12 months of inactivity)$5.00
Return Deposit Item$27.75*
Return Deposit Item - Business Account$5.00*
Member-Requested Services
Account Closing within 60 Days of Opening$5.00
Account Reconcilement ($15.00 minimum)$15.00/hour*
Account Research ($15.00 minimum)$15.00/hour*
Bill Pay - Same Day ACH Payment$9.95
Bill Pay - Overnight Check Payment$14.95
IRA Account Closing Fee$25.00
Statement Copy - Previous Periods (each)$2.50*
Statement History Printout (Current Month Transactions)$1.00*
Stop Payment (all items)$20.00*
Check Photocopy$1.00*
Check OrdersPrice varies by style
Temporary Checks (First 10 FREE for new accounts)10 for $1.00*
Debit Cards
Initial CardNo charge
Replacement Card$10.00*
Transaction without PINNo charge
Transaction with PIN (ATM/POS Transaction)First 5 FREE per month, $0.75 each additional*
Non-U.S. TransactionsApplicable fees
Account Transfers
In Person TransferNo charge
Online or Mobile Banking TransferNo charge
PAT (Personal Automated Teller) TransferNo charge
Telephone Transfer (per item)$2.50*
Club Accounts
Christmas Club Early Account Closing$10.00
Vacation Club
        One Annual WithdrawalNo charge
        Additional Annual Withdrawal(s)$10.00
Cashier's Checks/Money Orders
Cashier's Check Payable to Account HolderNo charge
Cashier's Check Payable to Another Party$1.50*
Cashier's Check Sent via Mail$1.50*
Money Order$1.50*
Wire Transfers
Incoming Wire (including foreign)$5.00*
Outgoing Foreign Wire$30.00*
Outgoing Wire$15.00*
Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Box Rental (per year)
        Small Box (3x10x24 in.) $20.00
        Medium Box (5x10x24 in.) $30.00
        Large Box (10x10x24 in.) $45.00
Safe Deposit Box Replacement Key$10.00
Safe Deposit Box DrillingAt cost
Credit Union Services
Non-Member Coin Counting Service
        $25.00 & Up $5.00
        $24.99 & Under 20% of amount counted
Notary ServiceNo charge
Photocopies5 FREE per month, $0.10 each additional*

Effective July 29, 2021. Fees are subject to change.
*Sales tax applies if charged to a checking account.
**The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: share draft in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.